St Johns Train Tracks

Standing On The Corner in SW PDX

Just another day photowalking in downtown Portland with a camera packed with film!

There was a time when that far corner was a bustling Portland Streetcar station.

The South Park Blocks

It is a bit of a slow day here in the part of the park. Normally this time of the day this place is bustling with foot traffic. Unfortunately it is also a favorite hangout for the homeless and vagrants. In the not to distant past, this was the place to score drugs, and with little to no police presence business was booming. This section of the South Park Blocks see a lot of filming and as a result has garnered attention from local law enforcement.

Le Yellow

I have walked past here a lot lately, it’s a cool neighborhood in the NW. The Pearl District is close by but sadly the highway jets by on a series of overpasses in this area.