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Moving Fast on Stage

I have always been a big fan of long exposure photography. Capturing movement on feel is usually not an easy feat. In this case I set the camera on my table and stop the aperture down to f22 and let the camera choose the shutter, which I believe was 10 seconds or so.

I wanted everything in the image to be sharp and in focus and let the musicians blur.
The band is called Nature Thief and they were playing on my birthday a few weeks back at the Firkin Tavern. It was one hell of a show too.

Camera: Canon EOS 10s
Film: Kodak TMax 100

Oregon’s Spaghetti Junction

This complicated interchange at the I405 and I5 is characteristically known as a Spaghetti Junction. I like the way the highways intertwine it is rather remarkable. I took this picture from Mississippi Avenue facing west. I walk through here from time to time and I really enjoy looking for patterns and shapes in the concrete structures. I don’t really get bored walking the same routes, I will always fond something new each time I go back.

Camera: EOS 10s (Canon EF 28-105USM)
Film: Kodak TMAX100

A Four Beer Portrait

A double exposure portrait.

F2015-03-03-18 I really shouldn’t be holding a six pound camera after a few beers, because I get the urge to use it. While sitting with Alex, I was a few beers in so I grabbed the Koni-Omega out of my bag. This is the second of only two images. The first image I shot, Alex was a little rigid and just sat there waiting for me to take a picture. The flash fired and I advanced the film. I said one more shot, she gave me the same pose, but this time the flash didn’t fire and I said, “ugh that was the last frame”. The flash just didn’t charge up, so I cocked the shutter without advancing the film. I picked the camera up from my lap and took the picture again. She wasn’t ready for it and this what came out. There is no post production just a straight scan and a minor level adjustment.

I like the way it came it. The soft details look interesting in the over-exposed highlights.

Camera: Koni-Omega Rapid, 6×7 Medium Format Rangefinder.
Film: Lomography 100 Color

Colors of Ankeny Alley

I’m on another photowalk in SW Portland, I stumble on this colorful scene in Ankeny Alley in downtown Portland. There is always something going on down here. I go completely unnoticed with my old film camera.

Ankeny Alley

Camera: Canon AE1
Lens: Albinar 28mm 2.8
Film: Kodak Ektar 100 – Expired (2 years)

The Kenton Sofa

This was a funny thing to stumble upon while walking around the Kenton neighborhood the other day. This sofa was stuffed into this doorway of an unoccupied building just a few feet off the main drag. It’s just a matter of time until this couch finds it’s way to the city dump and this building is torn down to make way for million dollar condos for the truck loads of wealthy transplants moving to Portland.