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Multiple Exposure in the Cultural District

Portland does have a fair number of museums and theaters all clustered in the South Park Blocks. It is a lovely neighborhood to stroll through with a camera and in my case, a cigar as well.
This was shot on a Canon EOS Elan mounted to a monopod. I got lucky on this one, the blurriness is well contained in the detail.
4 shot on Fuji Superia 200


The Shivas – A Drummer in Mid Scream

Last week I went to a benefit show at Romtoms. The benefit was for Nic Gordon who was badly injured in a violent mugging. There is something awesome about going to a show and everybody there is a homie. Sadly, bad things happen to good people and it’s great we can get together to help a friend out. You can help by donating here:

I brought a Canon SureShot TeleMAX point and shoot camera and a couple of rolls of film. I shot this with the flash of course. I was just caught up in the show and picked up my camera and fired. Sometimes you just lucky by hitting the shutter button at the right moment.


Multiple Shots, One Frame

I have been on a film kick the last few months. I mean, more than normal. I almost don’t want to bring out the DSLR. I had a roll of expired Fujicolor Superia 200 and an EOS ELAN ready to go. The other day I was watching some YouTube videos about fine art photography and I saw a couple of images with juxtaposed multiple exposed shots by a famous photographer. This gave me the idea to experiment with multiple exposures. This is something that I have never really experimented with.

I am pretty excited again, I have a lot of ideas in my head that I want to experiment with now… I need to get some more expired film for experimentation. I haven’t been this excited since I discovered that pizza place in Stephansplatz.


Another interesting day photowalking in Portland…

I wonder why they couldn’t find another S instead of using a 5.
Perhaps even spelling “CENTER FOR THE ARTS” to free up an S. Ah, what do I know?


Camera: EOS ELAN
Film: Hewlett-Packard ISO 200 color film.
read my review of this film on my blog.

In the Makeup Chair

Rachel is waiting for her makeup, then goes on for her part in the St Valentine’s Special on the Who’s the Ross? Show as Mary Dodd Lincoln. The real Mary Dodd was notoriously homely. Rachel, is not homely.

I have a lot of latitude photographing the show. Today I was playing with Fujicolor Superia 1600. I loaded into my Canon AE-1 with a 50mm f1.8. I shot this photo under mixed light, fluorescent and incandescent light sources. As you can see this film is fairly grainy and not particularly sharp, but it seems that there is plenty of tonal latitude with this film.

I only shot a few frames at the show, but I fired off a few shots on the roll at another show under very low light conditions and the images were practically unusable. The following afternoon I finished off the 36 exposure roll during a sunny afternoon exposing the rest of the roll at e.i. 1000, while developing it normal. Those frames showed a lot less grain and appeared a little sharper.

Rachel as Mary Dodd