The Florida Surf Scene?

I know it’s weird, but surfing was very popular in Florida back in the early 90s. These images were part of a school assignment. I recall not scoring very well on this one. I was supposed to show more of a surfing lifestyle than just surfing. I missed the mark on the arty side of the project. I have never had a problem with the technical side of things, but I still struggle with artsy part of photography.

I Need to Finish This Roll

Last week I was shooting a show at this theater. The Crystal Ballroom. I was shooting the show on digital, but I wanted to get a roll of film in on the action. I had a roll of Lomography 800 in my bag, but there was still a roll of Lomography Color 100 in the camera I wanted to shoot. I thought this would be a good time to get some long exposure shots in.

This image was shot at f16 for 20 seconds.

Ford Falcon Futura

I can tell you that this is a mid to late 60s Futura, but I don’t know much about these. This particular car seems to have a very straight clean body, but could use a new coat of paint.

I spotted this off of Burnside in SW PDX.

Meanwhile… Backstage

I spent last night documenting the Who’s the Ross show at Dante’s. Sometimes being back stage is more interesting than what’s going on out front.

My camera here is the 1991 Canon SureSHOT point and shoot. I’m loaded with Lomography Color 100 film.