Bring Out Your Dead

Well this is a reference to the Grateful Dead of course. This image is from the first Bonnaroo festival in Manchester, Tennesee.

I have been revisiting old negatives lately and I am realizing that I do have a substantial amount of material to work with. It has been a lot of fun going over them recently.

Cathedral Park - Beauty is in the Details

I am certain this sign is as old as Cathedral Park itself. They really don’t make signage like this anymore. Usually city parks and historic neighborhoods use cheap aluminum with vinyl covering for signage these days.

When this ugly hand-made wood sign succumbs to time and the elements it will be torn down and replaced by one of those hideous vinyl lettered signs that are common at parks in this town. Structures like this need to be cared for by the parks department, but we know they have little to no money in the annual budget. Really, the parks department gives a damn about it.

You also have to remember that at the top of many city government agencies, like the parks department and water or sewage or what have you, there is a one guy that makes the decisions and he/she would rather spend the city’s money with vendors that he/she knows will kick a little something back. Like a nice bottle of scotch or Trail Blazer tickets. Aluminum backed vinyl signs are cheap compared to maintaining a wood sign.

Then there is so much pressure to “save money” that the details of beauty are forgotten or just plain tossed aside. We live in a society where saving money is paramount, quality work and details take a back seat to the dollar. I think it’s sad that in a civilized society like ours, signs like this are considered to be a luxury we can do without. Yeah, it’s just a sign, but it’s great that a craftsman and artist made this.

Building a park is not just a necessity for a city, it is a way to show the community that we care for the natural beauty of our city. We have a city that can mismanage its finances as monumentally as Portland does, it must cut corners anywhere it can. Parks are the second thing to be neglected. (schools are the sadly first)

In twenty years when some 24-year-old social media marketing guru at the city feels this sign needs to be replaced by something that is “branded” properly, you can be sure it will be half-assed.

Andrew and a Skater

Funny this picture of my friend Andrew has gotten a lot “that a cool pic of A.” from friends.
I have been telling everybody that it was from my old Yashica Rangefinder proudly..
I got a hold of the negative sheet tonight and as I’m looking at the negatives, I am hit with the fact there was no way I shot this pic on the Yashica GSN I shot it on my Rollei35… the frame numbers are upside down, I feel like such a schmuck. I don’t know how I could have gotten so confused..

The Florida Surf Scene?

I know it’s weird, but surfing was very popular in Florida back in the early 90s. These images were part of a school assignment. I recall not scoring very well on this one. I was supposed to show more of a surfing lifestyle than just surfing. I missed the mark on the arty side of the project. I have never had a problem with the technical side of things, but I still struggle with artsy part of photography.